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Dog Training Focus Areas For New Parents

Pet Daily Diet

Feeding Your Dog The Right Food

Potty Training

Potty Training Your Dog Online

Pet Shedding

Solutions For Dog Shedding

Pet Daily Diet

Brought a new furbaby home? or have questions about your pet's dialy diet? Our experts have got you covered!

From setting a pet feeding schedule to figuring out the right food for your dog - learn how to provide your pet with the Right Nutrition!


Understanding Pet Shedding

Did you know? Your dog's fur and skin says a lot about their overall health!

If your pet is facing excessive shedding or has irritated skin - our expert will walk you through the cause behind it and give you the solutions too!


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Dr. Sushmitha

Graduate of Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Veterinary Education and Research, she has received accolades in the Green Revolution Programme Organized by the United Nations.

She has also worked with World Veterinary Services for Animal Welfare & describes herself as

“A Simple human being with immense love for Animals and Mother Nature.”

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