Great Dane Dog Breed Features

Great dane Dog

Vital Stats

Ideal For

 Individual Homes And Not Flats


M: 50 - 82 kgs F: 50- 82 kgs.

Life Span

7 -10 Years

Highlights of The Breed


The Danes are mighty dogs and are German by origin. They were bred to protect the estates and hunt wild boars.


The Great Danes are friendly, dependable and patient. They expect a lot of attention and love from humans.They do not exhibit much aggressiveness.


Danes have a short , smooth coat that are easy to maintain. They need weekly brushing to maintain and an occasional bath.

Child Friendliness

Great Danes are gentle giants. They are playful and affectionate with children. 

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Heat Tolerance


Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

Danes require exercise like a brisk walk twice or thrice a day. Vigorous exercise during mealtime should be avoided, as it increases the risk of bloat.

Some Information About Great DAnes

Great Danes are domestic, giant sized dogs that are very gentle despite their looks. They are taller than most of the dogs and even people. They are sweet and serve as very good watch dogs, rather than guard dogs. Strangers might think twice to enter seeing its size. Danes come in six coat colors: fawn, black, harlequin, brindle, mantle, and blue. 

This breed like to please their human parents and require a lot of human attention. They do not do well when left alone and need human company. Great danes rank as the 24th popular breed in the registration by the American Kennel Club. They need a lot of space and preferred in homes with huge spaces and yards. They need to be socialized at an early stage. 

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