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Golden Retriever Dog Breed Features

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Vital Stats

Ideal For

Large Play Area Homes ( Not Apartments )


M : 30 - 34 kgs ; F : 25- 32 kgs

Life Span

10 - 12 Years

Highlights of The Breed


Golden Retrievers are large dogs that were first originally bred in scotland. They are America's most popular breeds of dog.


They are kind, extremely playful and also obedient. They tend to have a childish behaviour even after growing up. childish. Active breeds who love walks.


Golden retrievers heavily shed twice a year, and demands regular grooming and brushing. They also need occasional baths to keep their coat clean.

Child Friendliness

Golden retrievers are extremely friendly with children, adults, and even strangers. Hence they are not very good at guarding.

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Heat Tolerance


Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

Golden retrievers are predisposed to elbow & hip dysplasia. They should also be examined for cardiac, oral, and eye health frequently.

Some Information About GOlden RETRIEVERS

Golden retrievers are large sized gun dogs that were used in hunting. They have a soft mouth, which helps them to bring the hunted rabbits and ducks undamaged. They are well built, sturdy and possess a lustrous coa. They love to play in water. They are known to help the physically challenged and blind. 

This breed of dogs have undergone variation according to the region they were bred- American, British, and Canadian. The British types are also present in Australia and Europe. They have a lighter colored coat than American variant, and a balanced muzzle. The American variety is less muscular than the other varieties, and have a darker coat. The Canadian variety are light to dark golden color, and have a water resistant top coat.

Golden retrievers are calm, intelligent and easy to train. Extensive harsh trainings are unnecessary. They love to swim and play. They always like to please their human companions.

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