Doberman Dog Breed Features

Doberman Dog

Vital Stats

Ideal For

Large Play Area Homes ( Not Apartments )


M : 40 - 45 kgs ; F : 32- 35 kgs

Life Span

10 - 13 Years

Highlights of The Breed


Doberman Pinscher breed of dogs originated in Germany in the year 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman. 


They are loyal, fearful, and alert. Hence they serve as a good guarding dog. They need to be trained well for socializing.


Dobermans are easy to groom and maintain because of their short coat. A quick brush with a hair brush will go a long way. Their ears have to cleaned and nails trimmed regularly. 

Child Friendliness

With proper training from small age, they can be social to other humans and dogs. Dobermans are not the breed for people with small children.

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Heat Tolerance


Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

Genetic conditions like cardiomyopathy, dysplasia and hypothyroidism are common in this breed. The other common condition pet parents face is 'bloat'. Pet parents must be educated on this.

Some Information About Doberman

Dobermans are working dogs. Their ears and tails were docked initially, but are no more necessary and it is illegal to do so. They are intelligent, strong, and stubborn. Hence need consistency in training. They come in black, blue and brown colors. 

This breed of dogs respect and obey their pet parents. They are loyal and very protective of their owners. This makes them a very well suited breed as police dogs , personal dogs, and defence dogs. Dobermans are known to be very aggressive, however the modern dobermans are far less aggressive, due to the change in breeding.

Dobermans are very popular due to their intelligence and agility. Dobermans have a very unique character and numerous studies are available t support this. This breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club. 

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