Dalmatian Dog Breed Features

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Vital Stats

Ideal For

Individual Homes


M: 15-32 kgs F: 16-24 kgs.

Life Span

12-14 Years

Highlights of The Breed


Dalmatians are carriage dogs originally. they have their roots associated with Croatia.


Dalmatians are playful, sensitive, outgoing and smart dogs. They are good watchdogs..


These have a beautiful short black spotted coat. It has to be brushed once a week with baths once a month. Nails should be trimmed regularly.

Child Friendliness

They are friendly with children. They are high energy dogs , which means care should be taken when small children are around. 

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Heat Tolerance


Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

Dalmatians need good amount of exercise to keep them active and fit. They love to run around. Care should be taken until two years of age for strenous exercise, as their bones mature and develop only after two years of age. 

Some Information About Dalmatians

Dalmations are beautiful dogs with black dots on white coat. The pups are born with pure white coat and the spots appear 3 to 4 weeks after birth. They were bred to guard horses. They are athletic , muscular dogs with a reserved and dignified character. They are loyal and playful with their pet parents and are great watch dogs. 

Dalmation coat is short and dense. They are easy to maintain with weekly brushing. They shed moderately throughout the year. Their coats have a natural oil secretion and hence lack dog odour. In later stages, dalmations suffer from bone spurs and arthritis. They can tolerate heat to some extent , but it is ideal to keep dogs cool in summer and hot weather.They are popular family dogs and  participate in kennel competitions.

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