Adopting A Mongrel Costs You Nothing ,
And You Take Home A Bundle Of Joy.

When You Buy A Purebred Dog, It Might Go Heavy On Your Pocket. You Need To Pay The Breeders!

Mongrels Easily Get Adapted To Your Homes , And
Do Not Require Major Modifications.

Mutts Are Usually Healthier Than
The Pure Breed Dogs. 

Pedigree Pups Need Extra Attention And Care , And 
Take A While To Settle Down.

Pedigree Dogs Are Prone To Health Issues That Come Genetically. There Are Numerous Studies To Back This Up.

Maintenance And Grooming Of Mongrels
Are Cost Effective .

Hairy Purebred Dogs Require High Maintenance In Terms Of Grooming.

Mongrels And Indian Breeds Can Tolerate Heat , And Are
Easily Adaptable To Indian Climatic Conditions.

Mongrels Are Also Easily Trainable, Intelligent, & Shower
You With Loads Of Love. 

Pure Breeds Like Retrievers And Shih Tzu Find It Challenging To Tolerate Heat, And This Also Leads To Health Issues.

All Dogs Including Pedigree Dogs Are No Less In Intelligence & Showing love.

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