Boxer Dog Breed Features

Boxer Dog

Vital Stats

Ideal For

Big Houses


M: 29-37 kgs F: 25-32 kgs.

Life Span

9 -15 Years

Highlights of The Breed


Boxer is the part of the Molosser dog group, developed in Germany. 
They are medium sized dogs.


Boxers are high-energy, bright, fun loving dogs that like to be busy. They prefer human companionship. 


Boxers have short and shiny coat which requires minimal maintenance. Occasional baths are just fine to keep them clean with weekly brushing.

Child Friendliness

Boxers when trained are very good pleasers. They are protective towards their family members and children.

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Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

Boxers are full of energy and extremely active. They need a lot of exercises and fenced yards to play.

Some Information About boxers

Boxers are medium sized dogs that are muscular, strong and very active. They have very strong jaws that can give a powerful bite. Boxers stand as the eighth popular breed in the USA. Boxers are patient and protective dogs and great with children. There are two coat colors for boxers that are recognized: fawn and brindle, with a white belly. White boxers are also present but not very common. 

Boxers are strong dogs that need lot of exercise and play to keep them distracted. If they are bored, then they may get involved in activities like chewing and digging. They crave human attention. They well respond to positive reinforcement training and are well attached to their family.They should be served with lean chicken, lamb, turkey and fish. They are prone to dental problems. Hence oral hygiene is to be taken care.

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