Fresh dog food from farms, not factories.

Truly fresh dog food made by farmers,
with 0 preservatives or additives.

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Fresh dog food from farms, not factories.

Truly fresh dog food made by farmers with 0 preservatives or additives.

Shop HoundFresh Dog Food

HoundFresh dog food is made directly at an organic farm

Fresh Dog Food

And skips the "gimmicks" of regular dog food


Most dog food contains "meals" like chicken meal. This can contain meat from dead animals. HoundFresh only uses fresh ingredients directly from the farm.

Inflated Pricing

Farm direct freshness is expensive. But by cutting out middle men and sending food directly to you, we can invest in better ingredients and fresher food.


For dog food to be put into bags and stored at stores, they need to be pumped with preservatives. HoundFresh custom prepares each meal fresh before shipping to your dog. 

"Label Tricks"

Kibble bags hide their ingredients behind marketing gimmicks. For example "made with chicken" can mean it can contains <5% healthy chicken.

HoundFresh is truly innovative dog food

Balanced Nutrition

Everything your dogs body and mind needs. 

Organic Superfood

Not the fake fancy marketing lingo types.


We don't cut costs. Just the yucky, bad stuff.

No GMO Ingredients

No genetic modification. Just plain purity.


To cater to your dog's metabolic needs.


Builds immunity system naturally.

Why feed your dog the same food everyday?

3 Flavours in a Box

Organic Dog Food

Chicken + Banana

Gut Cleanser

Protein Content in HoundFresh

Regular Dog Food


Premium Dog Food



Easy Fresh Dog Food

HoundFresh has ~2X the protein.

Dogs evolved from wolves, and a high protein diet is their natural diet. When dogs eat high protein, low carb food, their entire well-being elevates

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Immediate Difference In Your Dog

Shinier Fur

Your dog's fur is very much related to their food intake.

Firmer Stools

Because your dog is digesting more and less to push out.

Better Weight

Your dogs muscles will be stronger and will age better. 

More Active

Better metabolism leads to improved activity levels. 

Meet the Farmers who make your pet food

Dog Food From Farms

Praveen and Shweta have dedicated their lives to organic farming.

“I made the switch from corporate to farming with a very simple, singular focus: to be closer to nature and to animals.

I focus purely on organic farming and I find my farming experience very nourishing."

Pet Parents Love The Switch To HoundFresh

Real Reviews, Just Like Our Real Dog Food.

HoundFresh Dog Food Review

Rambo, Chennai

Rambo loved HoundFresh. I was surprised he ate his full bowl. He has never reacted to another food like this.

Farm Dog Food Review

Mocha, Goa

I am thankful that my Mocha has regained his weight and physique. He was overweight, and I tried HoundFresh because it is high protein.Will definitely recommend.

Organic Dog Food Review

Browny, Banjara

Browny's fur became dull, especially in summer. After shifting to Houndfresh, I can definitely see her fur is much more shinier than before. She also loves the food.

Fresh Dog Food Review

Misty, Delhi

Will recommend Houndfresh to all my friends. Good customer service from the Poochles team. Misty is way more active nowadays after shifting to high protein food.

Simple dog food, backed by serious science.

Best Dog Food in India

Talk to our vet (for free) to know how HoundFresh can help your dog. 

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