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  • Nylon Dog/Puppy Muzzles

    Product Description An absolute must-have for groomers and pet owners alike. Muzzles help stop biting and chewing and are lined for a comfortable fit. The item is a simple and practical...
    From Rs. 200.00
  • Delite Dog Plastic Muzzle

    Product Description This Basket design Dog Muzzle is known for its precise construction. Due to its impeccable design, this muzzle provides dogs with the best ventilation available. So breathable that...
    From Rs. 205.00
  • Delite Dog Muzzles

    Description Delite Adjustable Netted Muzzles provides a comfortable solution whenever temporary muzzling is necessary. Its safe to use. This Netted Muzzle has a strong, adjustable mesh, breath easy allowing dogs to...
    From Rs. 170.00
  • Mental muzzle For Adult Dogs

    Product Description Mental muzzle specially designed for large dog anti-biting and barking. It is used to preventing eating food on the ground. One of the dog-training essentials, won't have hard breathing during training, lightweight...
    From Rs. 280.00
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