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Poochles Dog Rawhide Chew Treats- 1Kg

Nutritional Rawhide Dog Chew Treats are an invaluable dietary supplement for your pet and are made from delicious rawhide. They satisfy their natural urge to chew and help in teeth and...
Rs. 249.00

Poochles Dog Chew Bone Treat - 4"

These bones are high on protein and low on fat. Dogs need to toughen their teeth and gums, and biting on chew bones is a great exercise to do this. Chewing on...
Rs. 200.00 Rs. 150.00

JerHigh Duo Stick Dog Treat-50gms

Jerhigh Duo Stick Chicken and Cheese Dog Treat Stix is the perfect treat for your furry friend. A healthy treat that promotes dental health and is easy to digest. Make...
Rs. 175.00

Poochles "Bite Me' Dog Biscuits

Poochles "Bite Me' Dog Biscuits-Feed your pooch some delicious and nutritious cookies baked with tons of love from POOCHLERS. Poochles "Bite Me" Biscuits are made with 100% whole-wheat flour, enriched...
Rs. 150.00