Training Your Dog To Play Dead- How To Teach The Fun Trick?

Playing dead with your dogs is one of the most favorite entertaining tricks among all pet parents. Teaching your dog to play dead is equally exciting as your pooches learn the trick with all their cute faces and reactions. Grab a bunch of dog treats and let us get started.

Teaching A Dog To Play Dead Starts With The 'Down' Command:

If you have already trained your pet to lie down with the 'down' command, then this is going to be a lot easier. If your pooch is not familiar with it, then you need to spend a week first to get him familiar with the down command and doing it.

How To Train A Dog To Play Dead:

1. Relaxed And Calm Space: 

Before you begin the play dead training, relax your dog by giving some mild intensity exercises. Take him to a place where your dog will be less distracted.

2. Get Him To The Down Position:

Use the command 'down' to get him lying on the ground. Always reward him with treats once he obeys your command. Then slowly assist your dog to lie over on any side he feels comfortable. Use more verbal commands during this phase. Your dog might generally lift up his head, but gently train him to keep his head down with commands and treats.

3. Roll Your Dog Over:

Now slowly roll over your dog showing a treat in front of his eyes and making him follow it so that his entire back is on the floor. At this position, use words such as 'Play dead' or 'Bang' along with snapping the fingers. Once your dog gets into the desired play dead position, offer him treats.

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4. Patience Is Key While Training Dog To Play Dead:

Always be patient while you teach any trick to your dogs and offer the treat only as rewards when the desired action is achieved. Teach and practice the trick a couple of times a day until your pup masters the 'play dead' trick.

Every dog learns tricks and commands at different levels and speed. Do not get angry with them or give up. If your dog seems to be tired, encourage the dog by words such as 'Good dog' and progress the training step by step. Once your dog learns the trick, it is totally worth it to watch. 



  • Training Your Dog To Play Dead- How To Teach The Fun Trick? – Poochles India

  • Training Your Dog To Play Dead- How To Teach The Fun Trick?– Poochles India


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