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Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat - List Of Foods That Are Safe For Your Pooches!

Let’s face it! It’s very hard to say no to those puppy dog eyes, that are just begging you to give them some of your delicious human food. However, there are certain human foods that are not meant for dogs and can make your dog sick. Fortunately, there are some human foods that dogs can eat and may even prove to be beneficial for them.

This list contains some of the foods that you can feed your dogs, some of which are even beneficial to them. Learn what foods are safe for your dogs:


Seedless apples are a preferable choice for feeding your dogs. Avoid giving your dogs large amounts of apples, as this may upset their digestive system.

Baby food (All Natural) :

Baby food is easy to digest and is a healthy choice for your dogs.


Beef is an excellent source of protein and can improve a dog’s overall health.


Berries are a rich source of antioxidants which make them super treats for your dogs.


Another super choice is carrots. They are highly beneficial for your dogs and can largely improve your dogs’ overall health.


Low-fat cheese varieties are great options for your dogs. For lactose intolerant dogs, however, cheese is not a smart option and it should not be fed to them.

Cooked chicken (no bones or skin):

Cooked chicken with no bones or skin is another great substitute for your dog. Be sure to avoid too much oil and seasonings.

Chicken broth:  

Chicken broth is a good option for feeding your pet.

Cooked eggs:

Cooked eggs are another healthy source of protein. Be sure to cook the eggs consistently before giving them to your pets.

Green beans:

Green beans can help with your dog’s weight issues. However, it is advised to consult a vet before incorporating green beans into your dog’s diet.


Honey is a rich source of a variety of nutrients. Feeding as well as applying honey on your dogs, can also help soothe any allergy, burns and minor cuts if your dogs should come into it.

Mashed potatoes:

Mashed potatoes are a good choice for your dogs if given in moderation.


A few healthy melon options are watermelons and cantaloupes.


Oatmeal provides a lot of fibers, but should be fed in moderation.

Organ meats:: 

Organ foods are packed with protein and fats and is healthy if given in moderation.

Peanut butter:

Another rich source of protein for your dogs is peanut butter. Nevertheless, be sure to limit the amount of peanut butter, as feeding excessive amounts of peanut butter to your dogs may actually do them more harm than good.


Green peas are low in calories and high in nutrients, making it an ideal snack for your dogs.


Fresh pineapples are healthy for your dogs. They are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and fiber, making it an excellent choice for your dogs.


Pumpkin is a nutrition-packed food that improves your dogs’ vision, makes them resistant to infection, therefore keeping the body healthy.

Raw cauliflower and broccoli:

Other safe choices for your dogs are cauliflowers (raw) and broccoli (raw or cooked).


Rice is very easy for dogs to digest and may help relieve an upset stomach.

Sunflower seeds: 

Sunflower seeds, preferably shelled, are great treats for your dogs if given in moderation.

Sweet potatoes: 

Sweet potatoes are easy for dogs to digest and can improve their eye health and immune system.


Ripe tomatoes can be fed to your dogs but only to a certain limit.


Tuna is another protein-rich food that can benefit your dog.


Yogurt contains good bacteria that can strengthen your dogs’ digestive system. However, avoid feeding them artificially sweetened or flavored yogurt.

It can be enjoyable to give your dog a treat every once in a while. Just make sure to only feed them non-toxic foods.

All these foods should be incorporated into your dogs’ diet gradually and should be fed in moderation.

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Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat – List Of Foods That Are Safe For Your P– Poochles India


Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat – List Of Foods That Are Safe For Your P– Poochles India


Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat – List Of Foods That Are Safe For Your P– Poochles India


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