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How To Get Your Pet Interact With Other Dogs?


Socializing dogs appropriately is a very important process to make sure your dog doesn't get stressed out. We don't give it too much importance, but dogs are territorial and they are instinctively known to be suspicious of other dogs. Partly because they think their hooman can be in possible danger. If you already have a dog and you’re looking to bring in a new pup to your family,  or if a friend visits with their dog, or even if you take a stroll to the dog park, there there are a few things to keep in mind to be followed that will smoothen the process.

How to Socialize Your Pet During a Walk, or with a Friends/neighbors Dog

    1. Slow and Steady The number one way to help your pet interact with other animals is to introduce them to each other cautiously and gradually.
    2. Use Soothing Words While the dogs socialize, keep using soothing words such as "good boy" or "relax". Your dog needs to know that their hooman is relaxes and is showing now signs of being in danger. Their own guard will slowly come down, and they will look at the new comer with new interest.
    3. Choose a Neutral Territory Far From Home. To avoid any conflict between the dogs, its best to Introduce your dogs to each other in neutral territory.
    4. Let them do their thing They usually will smell each others private parts. That is expected behavior. Its like humans shaking hands. Gross we know, but true.


    Socializing your Dog with a newcomer Dog Housemate

    When you get a second dog, remember letting a new dog in your home without a proper grounding with the old dog(s) will only result in a disaster. For your old dog, your house is its territory and when a new dog enters without any establishment or rules, the resident dog’s instinct will tell them to defend its territory which will ultimately result in a fight between both the dogs.

    As said, your house is the resident dog’s territory and bringing in a new dog all of a sudden will be a disaster. Take your new and resident pup to a park or any common area on separate leashes. A neutral territory mustn't be a completely new place for your resident dog. Maybe a park where there are a lot of other dogs will be a good unbiased territory.

      1. Separate the dogs at home, and make sure they don’t get too close to each other in the initial stages to avoid any disputes. Let dogs have separate crates, toys, beds and food bowls.
      2. Maintain Seperate Leashes on Walks If your second dog is a new comer, keep your dogs on separate leashes and maintain distance between the two dogs.
      You will need the assistance of a friend or family who is well known by your resident dog. If one of the dogs is usually anti-social, it will definitely take some time for your dogs to walk next to each other without anger.
      3. Treat in Abundance Every time either of the dogs makes a positive body language, make sure you treat them right away. They will know that their behavior is acceptable and condition their thinking towards more positive and constructive behavior around the housemate dog.
      4. Keep them active Proceed to take both your dogs together on long walks with assistance and reward them with treats until they become familiar and friendly with each other.
      5. Shower Love Finally, make sure you spend quality time with both your dogs and pet them

      In India, we give a lot of importance to how a mother in law and daughter in law will interact with each other, but not when we introduce two dogs with each other :D. This steps are important to keep in mind for your dog ( and you ) to be in a stress free co habitual space. If you don't notice any friendliness among your dogs it’s time for you to seek the help of an obedience trainer.

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