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Feeding Your Dog: An Heads Up On Feeding Schedule, How And When To Feed Them!

If you have a new four-legged member at home or a first-time pet parent, I am sure you must be wondering of how many times you need to feed your dog or puppy. Planning a schedule is important in growing up a dog and it is best if you could follow a regular schedule while feeding your dog. 

Schedule Of Feeding Your Dog:

Always feed your dog at the same time and at regular intervals. This will help with your dog's digestion. Moreover, you could also prevent accidents inside the house when you feed your dog at the scheduled timings.

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How Many Times Should You Be Feeding Your Dog?

Dogs dietary requirements are based on their breed, age and health requirements. Dogs with health conditions might need special attention to the amount and nutrition provided to them. This can be discussed with your veterinarian before you feed a sick dog.

Feeding Your Dog -Adults:

In general, adult dogs require food only twice a day. The food provided should be a complete balanced meal which will meet all the health requirements. A healthy treat can be given in between meal times to keep him away from cravings and keep your distracted.

Feeding Your Dog - Puppies:

Puppies less than 6 months of age require more frequent feedings than an adult dog. The usual schedule for a day to feed puppies will be four times. However, toy breeds need to be fed up to six times a day.

Points to Remember While Feeding Your Dog:

1. Never overfeed your dog as it might lead to obesity. Obesity causes serious health problems for your pooches.

2. Provide a complete balanced meal with all the necessary nutrition and also know that older dogs might need a lighter meal as their activities are reduced.

3. Allot a calm and quiet place in your home to feed your dog. Let them eat in peace and comfort.

4. Provide plenty of clean fresh water for your dogs all the time. 

5. Talk to your vet on your dog's health requirements and decide on the best food and feeding options.

Healthy feeding and exercising play an important role in growing up a healthy dog.

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