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Dogs And Cats: How To Train Them To Get Along?

For ages, it is apprehended as dogs and cats cannot live together. However, many pet parents will say that it can be done. Both cats and dogs have unique characteristics and hold a special place in their relationship with mankind. Training your dogs not to chase cats takes time, patience, and consistency. Dogs and cats need to be brought up in a positive and friendly environment, which greatly helps them to stick with each other.

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Ways To Make Dogs And Cats Get Along:

Foremost, be patient and cool. To train your pets to get along, you need to have calm and authoritative behavior. Secondly, provide them lots of space and keep them separated in different rooms or by a pet gate. Let the dogs and cats get familiarized with each other scents and the allow time for your dog to understand your kitty's presence in the house. 

The next step will involve keeping your dog on a leash while the kitty is roaming around the house. At this point in time, ask your pooch to sit down and reward him if he listens. Keep repeating this as you move away from the cat and until your dog is able to give his attention to your command.

The next step will be keeping your dog on a long rope where the other end is tied to a stationary object. This will help him to get a little closer to the feline and if he looks up to you, reward your pooch. Once your pooch proves trustworthy,  you can let him off the leash. This process might take weeks or months. 

Keep Your Pet's Food And Toys Separate:

Always remember to feet your cats and dogs in different bowls and in different areas of the house. They might pick up fights over food. provide enough toys for your kitty and pooch. Separate beddings and places for your cats to jump off is required. 

Never let your dog chase the cat under any circumstances and use strong commands to refrain him from such activities. Start the training young as it is much easier and exercise your dog well so they do not bother your kitty.

Be watchful and know that cat and dogs can live in harmony under the same roof with a little help from your side. Happy parenting!





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