Barking is a way of communication for dogs. The actual problem arises when this barking becomes unending and constant. Nuisance barking usually is a sign of boredom, loneliness, fear or anxiety.

Ways to get your dog to stop from barking?

Keep your dog active:

It is advisable to keep dogs active during the day so they get tired and can sleep peacefully during the night. Tired dogs do not spend their energy by barking. Keeping your dogs engaged helps to reduce anxiety and fear in him! This is also one of the most frequently used methods to prevent nuisance barking in dogs.

Control dog

Train your dog to react to commands:

When dog bark for a long time, use commands to control their barking. Train your dog in such a manner so that they listen to you once you command and obey you immediately. Use commands such as, “QUIET”, “SIT” or “NO”.

Block the view from your window:

Dogs are social butterflies and love to make new friends. Each time they see someone new, dogs communicate by barking. Exposure to sounds and new happenings can make them highly curious. In order to reduce the barking, it is necessary to cover the view from your windows from time to time.

Ignore his barking:

Dogs love to be the center of attention. Some bark out of boredom or to get the attention of their owners. This type of barking is unnecessary. Hence it is expected from you to get used to overlooking his barking. The dog will eventually stop barking once he realizes that he is not obtaining any attention from you.

Get professional help:

If none of the above tips help, it is time for you to seek the help of a professional “dog-watcher”. Dogs watchers are the best and they can employ different techniques to completely eliminate nuisance barking in your dog.

Good things don't happen in a day..similarly, getting rid of nuisance barking in your dog is not going to happen overnight. It is advisable for you, as the owner of the dog, to be patient at all times.


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