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Bones For Dogs: Can Dogs Eat Bones? An Important Insight For Pet Parents!

When we speak of bones, we think of dogs and associate them with it. This is not only by pet parents but among the general population as well. Dogs are very capable of looking at us with those sweet pitty eyes and get our attention to get the leftover bones from our dinner tables. But do you know that not all bones can be given to dogs? This must be surprising to you but we need to understand that before feeding bones for dogs, there are certain factors to look out for.

Why Bones For Dogs?

Chewing, in general, helps to stimulate your dog's saliva enzymes, cleans their teeth and keeps it free from plaque and tartar. It also satisfies their natural urge to chew. Bones are rich in minerals and other vital nutrients. Hence they make a perfect object for your dogs to chew. However, there are certain factors to be considered while feeding bones for your dogs.

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Key Factors To Consider While Feeding Bones For Dogs:

1. Poultry And Pork Bones: These bones for dogs are definitely a no. These break into small fragments and cause serious problems like laceration of intestine and blockage.

2. Cooked bones: When bones are cooked, they become soft and increases the chance of splintering while chewing. Raw bones that are properly cleaned is a much better option when compared to feeding cooked bones.

3. Bone size: The size of bones that are fed to dogs does matter to avoid choking. Beef and lamb bones are thick and large and are mostly preferred for dogs.

4. Dogs with Tummy Problems: If your pet already suffers from stomach problems and diarrhea, then it is better to keep them off from bones.

Chewing bones helps to calm your dogs, improves their oral hygiene and also gives them calcium and minerals. When you feed bones for your dogs, do it under supervision. Let them enjoy the chewing for 20 minutes and then it is better to take it off from them and refrigerate it. Replace the bone every 3 days and it is best to give your dogs a bone after a meal so they do not overfeed themselves with the bone.

There are a number of bone treats and toys that are available which encourage your dogs to chew. These chew treats and toys can be used as an alternative to satisfy the urge of your pet.





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