6 Different Types Of Cat Litter For Your Indoor Cat

Cat litter is an important part of any indoor cat’s life.

An essential cat supply, cat litter is used to cover the urine and feces of your cat cleanly and safely.

With various types of cat litter available today, the functions of cat litter has evolved from burying up pet feces to helping you, the cat parent, in controlling pet odor, disposing off feces with ease and much more.

Cat Litter

We all know that cats are quite fussy and picky when it comes to cat litter. 

So, being a cat parent, choosing the right cat litter for your pet becomes an essential part of your pet-parenting journey. 

But with various litter options available today, things may get a little overwhelming.

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • Cat Litter Sand 
  • Clay Cat Litter
  • Pine Litter
  • Paper Cat Litter
  • Coconut Husk Cat Litter
  • Silica Gel Cat Litter

So, to help you we have listed down the different types of cat litters for your pet, that you can choose from:

6 Types Of Cat Litter

1. Cat Litter Sand

One of the cheapest and easily available forms of cat litter has to be sand.

Cats are instinctively attracted to sand. And sand as a cat litter has the ability to clump up when it gets wet and dries up pet feces.

But the disadvantage of using sand for your cat's litter box is that your pet can track it all around your house with their tiny paws and can make a tremendous mess on those chaotic days!

Plus, using sand as cat litter can create smelly situations as it is extremely poor at odor control.

2. Clay Cat Litter

An affordable and popular form of cat litter among cat parents is Clay Litter.

These types of litter absorb urine and odor from pet feces pretty quickly.

Made of mixtures of clay-like Bentonite - Clay Cat Litters are largely available in two forms - clumping and non-clumping cat litter.

Clay Cat Litter

Clay cat litter that clumps, binds the dirty litter into a scoop-able mass that is easier to dispose, without you having to clean up the entire litter box.

Whereas, with non-clumping litter, you can discard the entire litter after a period of use.

3. Pine Litter

A lightweight and softer form of cat litter - pine litters are made from sawdust and are an eco-friendly litter option.

Pine Litters produce little dust and can be flushed as the pellets break down into sawdust when wet.

When compared to other loose forms of litter, pine litter in pellet form is much easier to clean and good at odor control.

4. Paper Cat Litter

Paper litters are yet another environmentally-friendly form of cat litter. Paper litters are highly absorbent pellets/granules that are made from recycling paper products or scraps.

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As it is scent-free, dust-free, and smoother than clay litters, this type of cat litter is suitable for cats with injuries and health issues.

However, because of its inadequate odor control and non-clumping properties, paper litter is best suited for short-term use.

5. Coconut Husk Cat Litter

Made from the husk of a coconut, this litter is a biodegradable and completely compostable option.

Coconut husk is dust-free and has an inherent scent. Coconut cat litters also have a dirt-like texture and good urine absorption capabilities, making them ideal for cats who enjoy digging around before finishing up their business.

However, unlike other cat litters, coconut litter is difficult to get your hands on. Moreover, the natural scent of this litter does not linger on strong scents.

6. Silica Gel Cat Litter

A safe and highly absorbent form of cat litter, silica gel cat litters are the most long-lasting litters in the market. This type of cat litter is made of quartz sand and has huge particles that make it almost dust-free. 

Furthermore, the silica gel cat litter can last for more than a month, making cleaning the litter box a quicker and easier task for you!

Silica Gel Cat Litter

With a picky cat at home, no matter the types or benefits of a cat litter, if your cat does not like it then it is a "No-Go".

To choose a cat litter that suits best for both you and your cat, you will have to go through a set of trial and errors.

And eventually, you will find the cat litter that your pet loves to use!

Now that you know about the Different Types Of Cat Litter, Check out our blog on to know Why Cats Avoid Using The Litter-Box.

Happy Pet Parenting!

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